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Tax & Accounting FAQ's

  • What are your fees? How much will it cost me to get my taxes done?


We offer competitively low rates to our clients within the industry, but pride ourselves on being able to provide higher level comprehensive investment and tax services to give you a complete financial plan. Your fees depend on many variables.  Our fee schedule utilizes a block building structure based on the value of your tax return due to its complexity.  We also offer several discounts to our clients based on various factors, including bundled services and customer loyalty. For an estimate on the fees related to your specific needs, please call. 

Please visit the "Contact Us" page for all of our contact information. 

  • What should I bring in for my tax return?


You'll need to bring in any applicable tax forms related to any income you've received and any deductions you can include from the previous year. Some examples of necessary forms include: 

  • W-2 statements

  • K-1 statements

  • 1099 statements (miscellaneous, royalty, rent, dividend, or interest income)

  • Capital Gain & Loss Transactions (stock, land, business, partnership sales, etc.)

  • 1098 statements (mortgage interest, real estate taxes, tuition payments, or student loan interest payments)

  • Any information for dependents you are claiming (children, family under your care, etc.)

  • Any charitable giving (cash and non-cash) plus mileage associated with contributing to charity

  • Any out of pocket medical expenses (subject to 7.5% of A.G.I. requirement to be deductible)

For more information on what you should include with your taxes, please feel free to contact our office. 

  • How can I get my tax information to your office? 

We accept a variety of ways to submit your tax information to us, depending on which is more convenient for you: 

  • Drop Off / Appointment - Stop by, say hello, and simply drop off your tax return to us or schedule an appointment to ask any additional questions with your drop off. 

  • Mail - If your schedule is too busy, or you're located out of town,  mail your tax documents and organizer to us for processing and data entry. We will notify you upon receipt and keep you updated through its progress. 

  • Secure E-Mail - If you feel it more convenient to scan and submit a secured email to us, or you don't have as much information to enter in your return and it's just easier to email, please forward us a secured email (password protect and encrypted) and give us a call regarding how to access your files.  For questions about how to send a secure email, feel free to call us and we will walk you through the process. 

  • SecureDrawer - SecureDrawer is a website that offers a password protected client portal and allows the staff in our office, and our clients to share sensitive documents efficiently. If you have a Secure Drawer login, you can upload your documents and let our office know that you have done so. **If you would like to set up a SecureDrawer account, please email**

  • Regular E-Mail / Fax - For additional documents that you may have overlooked or received later than your initial submission to us, please feel free to scan and email or fax us that information.  For our fax and email information, please visit the "Contact Us" page. 

  • How long does it take to complete my tax return?


Completion time is different for every person, depending on the complexity of your return.  However, during tax season we stick to an average two-week turnaround process however, many take longer and this is dependent upon the accuracy of information we are provided with at the time of submission to our office.  During this time, your tax return goes through the following steps:

  • Initial data entry

  • Request for any additional information about benefits for which you may be eligible, but not aware

  • Submission to formal review process

  • Secondary request of information, if necessary. 

  • Preparation of recommended tax & investment strategies for the coming year

  • Pickup, payment, processing, and submission to the IRS. 


We provide much more than the typical national "tax factories" out there, and that dedication to your needs requires at least a two-week turnaround to ensure the personal attention you deserve. 

  • What's the difference in E-Filing and Mailing my return?


E-Filing is a faster, more convenient way to file your tax information to the IRS.  Simply put, you are sending an electronically encrypted data file (think high security email) to the IRS, allowing them to receive your tax information faster. We recommend that our clients E-File because of its simplicity and track record of getting a faster response from the IRS. This means any potential tax refund will get to you sooner, on average. Lastly, E-Filing is free of charge to you versus paying for postage. ​

  • How do I get my tax refund? How long does it take? 


You can receive your refund by check or direct deposit from the IRS. Be aware that COVID-19 has delayed normal processes. 

  • Check: When you mail your return to the IRS, you'll generally receive your mailed refund check within 6 to 8 weeks. If you e-file your return, you should receive your refund check within approximately 3 weeks.

  • Direct Deposit: If you e-file your return, the IRS will deposit your refund in your bank account within 8 to 15 days. If you mail in your return, direct deposit generally takes 5 to 7 weeks.

  • What do I do if I'm audited by the IRS?


If you are being audited, Karen Freeman Consulting & Accounting is on your side. From the time you receive an IRS notice to when the audit is resolved, you can depend on our team to help you through it. We will assist you with any backup documentation you may need for the audit process.  Remember, however, to keep track of your own personal records as well for at least two years in order to stay prepared for any such occasion. ​

  • What other tax & accounting services do you provide? 


We are not just a tax firm.  We provide a number of additional services to our business and personal clients. Some of our services include: 


  • Texas Franchise Tax Preparation

  • Payroll Tax Preparation

  • Business Personal Property Tax Preparation

  • QuickBooks Setup, Support, and Bookkeeping services

  • Cash Flow, Budgeting, and Strategy Analysis

  • Computer Consultation

  • Business Retirement Plan Setup and Advisory Service

  • What are your fees for your additional services?

Our fees vary for each service and each individual circumstance, depending on the complexity of the process. Please feel free to call and setup an appointment to discuss the services specifically needed for you or your company. ​

For our contact information, please visit the "Contact Us" page. 

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